Monday, 4 March 2013

The end of The Unsystematic Idiot.

Hello loyal blog readers. I'm writing this post to say that this is probably going to be the last, if not one of the last posts I will ever write on this blog. I think my whole season of blogging has come to an end now. I no longer feel like I need or want to post a lot of things on here anymore, as there are now other things in life I need to concentrate on. My life is going to change dramatically in about 6 months. I don't like the thought of it one bit, but it is going to happen. I will be entering Act 2, and that means I will have no more need to express my funny/awkward/occasionally depressing but not all the time life on here.

Now I'm going to come clean to everyone who has been reading this blog for the last two years. It had taken me since the end of last year to actually realise this, but the whole reason I had started this blog many moons ago on the 2nd of February 2011, was because I just needed something to keep me occupied. That might not come as a massive surprise to you, but it wasn't just because I was bored. I was going through some major depression, and some dark times in my life, and I was feeling hated, and desperate for some kind of gratification amongst my friends and a certain person I had an unhealthy obsession with for a very long time.

So I made this blog, and started writing/drawing/filming and just posting funny things, that I would then share to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, in the hope that particular people would like and/or comment on them, that would give me the feeling that people liked me and that I wasn't just a useless teen, but I could make people laugh, and cheer up those who were also going through rough patches. I never really posted a lot of things on here about me being depressed about my life and all the bad things that kept happening to me, I tried to keep everything positive and somewhat humorous, in my writing, and in my video posts, where I would try to be upbeat and fun.

This blog felt like the place where I could put on a happy face, and go and write or post something funny to cheer myself up as well as other people, but at the same time, I still wanted those few people to see my blog presence and read what I had to say, so that it felt like I had some meaning in their lives as well. It has been good to have this blog to let my creative side out, even though I am ashamed that it was mostly aimed at certain people who I wanted to let know I existed, who weren't really that bothered about it at all, but I know that a lot of people have enjoyed my videos, my awkward moments, doodles, and everything, and to you guys, I want to say the biggest thank you ever for being the people who read my blog and laughed with me over the last two years. This has made my sadness worthwhile. It has been my pleasure to entertain you, thank you so much...

Now my obsessions have passed, and my sad quest for gratification is over

This has been The Unsystematic Idiot.

Goodbye.. x

Monday, 7 January 2013

Oh crap.

I haven't actually been back on Blogger since I uploaded my Christmas video, and yet didn't even post it back onto here.. So I hope everyone had the initiative to go to my channel and view it. It's fine if you didn't because you are stupid. I can cope with stupid people.

So, new year then.

Seven days in and nothing has really happened at all, but I suppose every start of year is pretty slow.

This is finally the year I go away to uni and away from Derby forever.

Well, not forever, I'll obviously come back to get things washed and laugh at people who have failed in life and are working at McDonalds or Carpet Right.

But I think I am actually going to miss this city, in a way..

I'll probably right some folk song about it in the future about how much I miss it but also hate it at the same time.

Anyway, as I was saying, new year. I probably say this every year but I hope to make at least 6-8 videos this year, maybe even more, since I need stuff desperately for my uni portfolio, so look out for those.

I really want to try and start writing proper posts like old times, like "Things that annoy me about..." and various awkward moments, and stuff like Crude cartoons and Polluting the papers.

I need to start getting papers again, and not get all awkward around the metro man.

So yeah, that's really it.

Wish everyone a great new year and whatever.



Tuesday, 18 December 2012